We protect the seas

We protect the seas

We protect the seas

We protect the seas

Sea Protection With Science

ElasmOcean protects the oceans.

Mankind knows more about the back of the moon than about the oceans of the earth. Over two thirds of the planet is covered by water and if we really think about that fact, it's astonishing that we know so little about it. This must change:  effective and efficient research is vital. Appropriately selected and specifically funded research can achieve great results. Only in-depth research results can lead to meaningful decisions.

We actually already have a great deal of knowledge about the oceans, but this is not enough. This is evident in the way most people interact with the sea, even though we know how wrong that is: pollution, microplastics, overfishing, finning - there are issues where knowledge is sufficient, but the right changes in human behaviour are still not being made. The climate crisis is one of them, and its impact on the oceans is far from being limited to sea-level rise.

It is clear that a great deal of what the scientific community knows does not get through to many people. The complicated language used by researchers is too complex to be understood by all people. This is where we come in: ElasmOcean interprets science.

Our philosophy is to present sound science in a serious, understandable way in order to build a bridge to the people who need to change their behaviour: the decision-makers in governments and companies, the financiers and investors and the consumers. If all of these groups act on what we know, mankind will save the only planet it lives on. This desire is shared by all ethically-minded people but the necessary implementation of sustainable behaviour is missing, just because of ignorance.

Man lives on land and overlooks the sea - a fatal mistake, at the expense of future generations. All life comes from the sea.

Sea Protection With Science.


ElasmOcean. That's our name.

We save the oceans. Our hero is the shark, belonging to the class of Elasmobranchii. This scientific name ELASMObranchii is the base of our name – as the shark is the base of our conservational efforts.

We fight with passion – with emotion. ElasMOTION – E-Motion.

We feel it – and we want to spread it.

We are a motion – we are in motion. elasMOTION. This striving is part of our genes, too.

Finally, the goal of our motion and our passion is: the ocean.

The elasmOCEAN.

Sea Protection With Science. ElasmOcean.

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