What can you do? - To-Dos

Everyone can - every little support counts

Our aim, as set out in our statutes, will be achieved through non-violent and sustainable means, in particular in the form of scientific events

and research projects, through the granting of research contracts, through public relations work and through the educating of youth and adults to deal responsibly with the environment, in particular with regard to sharks, and the marine ecosystem.

(from the statutes of ElasmOcean e.V.)

What can you do?

Just imagine what that each and every one of us could do - it is probably much easier than you think.

Dekoratives Bild: Fischauslage im Geschäft mit Schillerlocken
... for the protection of species
  • What fish can you still eat with a good conscience?
  • Where do you find species-appropriate cooking and how is it done?
  • Which tricks should you know about (to avoid falling into the trap?)
  • How do you achieve political change?

... sea here soon.

Dekoratives Bild: Am Strand angeschwemmtes Treibgut, organisch und künstlich
... against marine pollution
  • How do you live sustainably?
  • How do you consume in an environmentally friendly way?
  • What are the "5R"s ?
  • How dpo you actually go about cleaning up a river, a beach?

... sea here soon.

Dekoratives Bild: Grüner Wald an einem ruhigen Fluss
... against the climate crisis
  • How do you reduce your CO2 footprint?
  • How do you eat sustainably?
  • How do you get around ecologically?
  • How do you convince others?
  • How do you counterbalance your own carbon footprint?

... sea here soon.

Dekoratives Bild: Frisches Gemüse in weißen Säckchen
... for your parents and friends

You have understood evenything and are already living it yourself - and you are looking around for new ideas:

  • How do you help your family to change their habits?
  • How do you support your friends?
  • How do you educate them lovingly ... ?

... sea here soon.


(as read - left to right, up to down)

Friederike Kremer-Obrock (5x), The Ocean Agency / Brook Peterson